Here are our terms and conditions for boat transportation. Please read them carefully.


  • The client must inform us of the accurate measurements of the cargo, including the height, length and weight.
  • All boats should be properly prepared prior to transportation.
  • The boat will be inspected and any damage to the cargo will be logged before transportation begins.
  • Any materials which belong to the Ordnance on Hazardous Substances, such as diesel, petrol, and varnish must be removed from the cargo prior to transportation.
  • If any materials are required to be removed by our staff, additional costs may be incurred.
  • Any additional forseeable expenses, such as police escorts, will be discussed with and agreed by the client prior to transportation.
  • Any additional expenses which are not forseeable are to be borne by the client.


  • W Morris & Son are not liable for damages caused by – loss of vehicle, machines or working devices, tree strikes from low hanging branches, street furniture or Force Majeure.
  • We will always endeavour to to fulfil a contract to the agreed terms. Any delays on the pick up or delivery of cargo due to traffic, road closures or similar are not our responsibility.
  • Any contract will always comply with transportation laws and regulations, with no exceptions.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and this is not an exhaustive list which covers all possibilities, it is merely a rough guide.