W Morris & Son was founded in 1968 by William Morris and his son, Brinley. Together they transported agricultural goods from Pembrokeshire, Wales, all over the UK.

As the business grew, the company found itself diversifying into larger vehicles and moving plant and machinery on low loaders.

In 1985 the business took a new direction, after it was asked to transport boats to the newly developed Neyland Marina. This is when our passion for boat transport started, and when W Morris & Son purchased our first purpose built boat trailer.

In 1989 Paul, the grandson of William Morris, left school and joined the family business to deal with the mechanic side. Soon he developed into a HGV driver at the age of 18 and transported his first boat to Empuria Brava, Spain, at the age of 19.

Now, nearing our 50th year of business, we are better equipped than ever to serve our clients.

Our trailer is fitted with the most modern braking system and air suspension for a smooth ride for all boats. The company is continuing to expand and now transports more boats than ever across the UK and Europe.